The Force of the Group

We export solutions worldwide, supported by key partners and distributors.

Our divisions and subsidiaries, strategically located in Canada and the United States, provide innovative and sustainable custom pumping and water management solutions.

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Collective Values
We promote the involvement and development of our employees.
We adapt our practices to the constant evolution of our environment.
We are passionate about achieving goals that are thought of outside the box.
We value a culture of collaboration in all our operations.
Number of employees in Canada and the United States
Amount of annual investment in research and development
Number of non-profit community organizations in Canada that benefit annually from donations and sponsorships
Number of business sites in Canada and the United States
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Since its establishment in 1983, the Technosub team has deployed more than 800 pumping projects around the world.

Driven by the vision of becoming a world reference in the eco-responsible management of industrial and mining water, the company has the largest pump repair and manufacturing plant in North America.

Tsurumi Canada has nearly 1,600 points of sale spread across Canada.

Created in 2001, following an exclusive distribution agreement in Canada with the Japanese company Tsurumi Pump, this division can count on one of the largest distribution networks for Tsurumi products in North America.

In 2010, our engineering department was created and developed a new process that simplifies the management of sludge generated by the mining industry.

Since the beginning of the analyzes leading to the development and creation of this new division, Mudwizard has revolutionized sludge management methods through accessible and eco-responsible processes in order to renew the approach to industrial water management.

Integrated into the Technosub Group in 2018, this American subsidiary draws on more than 50 years of experience.

Based in Arizona, the Miller team has been designing, manufacturing and repairing pumping systems for the industrial and mining sectors since 1967.

Headquartered in Texas, Clowe & Cowan has more than 50 years of market experience in pumping system engineering solutions.

Added to the Technosub Group in 2020, this subsidiary has a unique inventory and a range of varied products widely used in the United States and Mexico.